Remembering the shooting of Miriam Giovanelli for S Moda

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The famous fashion magazine S Moda published by Editions Conelpa and distributed every Saturday by El País, he decided to carry out in the summer of 2014 a spectacular photo shooting with an amazing model called Miriam Giovanelli, and for it they needed a location that was spectacular as well.

So, for that they contacted Tao Plus Locations for searching and managing a house that would fit the technical and visual needs of that photo shooting.
With the realization of Toni Torrecillas and Francesca Rinciari, with excellent photographs taken by Gorka Postigo and the beauty and the interview with the star of the photo shooting… the result? judge for yourself in the small appetizer we leave for you in this blog:

(Click here to visit the official website of S Moda and discover more interesting photographs and the full interview).