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EL RUBIUS and EDURNE, Just Dance 2016 challenge.

“El Rubius” which is probably the most popular youtuber of Spain and certainly one of the most recognized in Latin America; shared few tweets with the famous Spanish singer Edurne. In those Tweets both challenged each other in a nice way to carry…


Remembering the shooting of Miriam Giovanelli for S Moda

The famous fashion magazine S Moda published by Editions Conelpa and distributed every Saturday by El País, he decided to carry out in the summer of 2014 a spectacular photo shooting with an amazing model called Miriam Giovanelli, and for…


“El Barco”

The acclaimed TV series produced by Globomedia and Antena 3 issued between 2011 and 2013 “El Barco” had a great reception at its premiere, with 23.4% share and 4,770,000 viewers. This is a series of science fiction in which a…


“Campari catalog 2013”

The Campari drink of Campari group, is a popular drink without high alcohol ideal for snacks. In 2013, this famous brand carried out the catalog of that year, and for the task in question they worked with a spectacular Penelope…



The first and second season of this series called Frágiles, which was issued in Telecinco, were leaders in its time slot. Frágiles was a medical drama in which a physical therapist named Pablo healed patients using methods that seem more…

open windows

“Open Windows”

The Spanish cinema director Nacho Vigalondo directed this interesting thriller in 2014. The director, who became famous thanks to his short films (see his short “7:35 de la mañana”, which was nominated for the Oscar 2004), he started on the…


“Al rincón de pensar”

For all we like the audiovisual world, the program presented by Risto Mejide “Al rincón de pensar” is known. For those who not know; It is a weekly broadcast program in which famous characters are interviewed in a intimate way,…


“The eclipse of Eugenio Recuenco”

Eugenio Recuenco is a professional photography from Madrid. For his amazing work and his style, which people often refer as Pictorial and cinematographic, he has worked for major fashion magazines such as Vogue. Some time ago a jewelry of Dubai…


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