Who is who


UpSolution Team

Angélica Sodupe Bambalere (CEO)

Before founding her own company –Tao Plus SL- back in 2008, she developed her profesional skills in several companies within the Film and TV Production Industry, mainly in the International Sales Department.
Her love for the job started in London where she graduated with a Bachelor in Arts, after which she moved to Rome for a couple of years. There she took a nine month master in film and media production that provided specialized training in audiovisual company management and content production. Back in Madrid, she completed education and professional training in the sector with further postgraduate studies in cultural management, after which the bases of her professional career we set.
Her years abroad, her love for the industry gave her the impulse to start up a business. Her goal now is to expand the company activity to other countries and open up new business possibilities.


UpSolution Team

Nano Montero Palacio (Production director)

With more than 25 years of experience in audiovisual media, particularly in the cinematographic sector, Nano has produced no less than 20 films and has been the production manager of many others. His talent as a producer was recognized by the industry in 2003, year in which he received a Goya Award for Best Documentary Film. After that, he won the same award for best short documentary in the Goya Prizes in 2005. He joins Tao Plus to offer its expertise within this field and ir orden to open new paths in the field of production and new audiovisual services.


UpSolution Team

Marc Soler (Social networking and content management)

Graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, he is the youngest member of our team. Raised in the age on Internet, he is an expert in the development of applications for social networks and mobile platforms. His task is to give greater visibility to the activities, projects and experiences we undertake and keep us tuned to the lastest developments of this industry in constant transformation.