Frequently asked questions

1. What We Can Do for You

Our company acts as intermediary between the producer or company interested in hiring our services for search location, and the location owner.

Once your property has been accepted and is duly registered in our location database, we will represent you and market your property to the film & photographic industry or events, through our website direct mail campaigns, newsletter promotion, industry representation and PR campaigns.

We will take over contract negotiation, which involves the process of discussing and compromising on contract terms in order to reach the final, approved draft of a contract. We will make sure we reach terms that are satisfactory to all parties involved.

Moreover, we will provide on behalf of our client a copy of civil and public liability insurance, to respond to any damage that might occur in the property, as a result of the production undertaken.

All private and personal information held by Tao Plus Locations is kept in the strictest of confidence. Addresses and phone numbers are only given out to prospective hirers with the permission of the location owner.

2. What should you do once your property is included in our database?

Keep us informed over any relevant changes undergone in your property after submitting photos.

Also whether there are any changes regarding availability.

Also and although you have the last word regarding final acceptance of conditions for any given project, once you have committed your property for a particular project, unless there is a major force for it, you must respect the agreement reached. Otherwise unnecessary damage will be caused to our client.

3. Things you must do photographing your property

You have two options regarding the photographs of your property:

You can either send us via mail them to us at Please make sure that you supply us with the address, contact details and any other useful information about the property.

Alternatively you may commission our professional interiors photographer (at a charge agreed wtih us) to take high calibre pictures of your property for use on our website.

Once your property is registered with us, you should keep us uptaded on any changes your property should undergoe, such as changes in availability in case you put your property on the market for sale or hire. Also, we should be informed if any works or decoration changes take place.

Although it will ultimately be you who decide on whether you accept the offer received by the production company interested in your property, kindly be advised that once you are informed of the basic conditions and a visit is made to your property, there should be a good reason for rejecting the proyect. This would cause a considerable damage to the production company.

The selection process for the final election of any location, implies on behalf of the production company at least one technical visit to the property and if the property is finally chosen even futher visits might take place with different members of the crew. So please try to remain flexible at this regard and accept several visits to your property if it is requiered.

4. How do I know if my property might be suitable?

Generally, we look for something with a ‘wow’ factor – whether that’s period properties with original features, contemporary homes with light, open spaces, or something with distinctive styling.

As a rule of thumb, however there are certain elements which make properties have a better potential as film locations. These would be:

Properties with generously sized spaces inside, will have more chances to get hired. Consider that in most productions, only technical crew could be of minimum of 15 and maximum of 60 people. Therefore it is essential to have enough space for the production to develop comfortably.

Parking space: It is of great importance too to count with a parking space in which the production vehicles may be parked during the production.

Noise Pollution: You should consider not including your property as a potential location if the property is within an area affected by such circumstance. This includes noise pollution caused by air, car or train traffic.

5. Costs implied per registration

Including your property in our data base does not imply any cost, unless you require further services aside from registration such as taking photos of your property or any extra promotional action you may wish us to undertake specifically for your property.

6. How much money you can make?

How much is your property worth? Depending on the type of production (film, photo or private or corporate events), you may receive an offer anywhere from 500€ and 3000 €.

7. ¿What fees will I perceive if my property is elected for a production?

You must be aware that fees vary enormously, depending on the size of the production, the type of property, the areas used, the time involved and so on. This is where the professional experience of a location agent becomes invaluable. We are able to advise on suitable fees for all scenarios, helping you maximise the earnings on your property rental.

However, here is a very rough guideline to the different kinds of fees you might expect to earn from the production companies we deal with:

Feature Film Productions from 600€- 2000€+ per 12 hour day

Television Dramas from 500€ – 1500€+ per 12 hour day

Documentary filming from 400€ – 1000€+ per 12 hour day

Photoshoots from 500€ – 1200€+ per 10 hour day

Television Commercials from 1000€ – 2000€+ per 12 hour day

Music Videos from 500€ – 1500€+ per 12 hour day

Not all enquiries book for a whole day.

Preparation and re-instatement days are generally charged at between a third and a half of the daily filming rate. Overtime rates are also charged should the production company overrun and this is set at a pre-agreed hourly rate.

8. Insurance Liability

Accidents can occur anytime but production crews are extremely considerate and respectful when it comes to you, your home and your property. They take great care and caution to protect your home and property. All productions include insurance liability for any damage it may be caused during the production.

Other matters to be taken into consideration

Area for catering needs

Space for make up and dressing required

If any damage is caused during the production or event , please notify before the first 24 hours.